Promoter of Poland and Promoter of the Polish Economy

26 September 2019 | 11:15-11:45

The Polish Promotional Programme Foundation organises an annual "Poland: Now" competition to identify the best products and services on the market. "Poland: Now" promotes the people and the companies whose achievements have helped create a positive image of our country around the world.

Awarded since 2017 in individual regions, the titles of Promoter of Poland and Promoter of the Polish Economy are designed to reward and promote the local success stories of the Polish people and domestic entrepreneurship. The awards are presented during regional congresses and business events.

A strong national economy is characterised by recognisable brands. The title of Promoter of the Polish Economy goes to Polish companies successful on both the Polish and international markets, which offer innovative solutions, act as ambassadors for the region, and contribute to increasing the competitive edge of our economy.

The image of Poland, however, is shaped not only by products, services and innovations but also, and perhaps above all, by people. Hence our conviction that it is worthwhile rewarding Polish people whose activities and achievements in the fields of science, culture, sports or business have strengthened the national brand. To do so, we have created the title of Promoter of Poland.