EEC Project – Leaders of Tomorrow

For the fifth time the Eastern Economic Congress in Białystok will be an opportunity for inspiring meetings of young people with business practitioners and artists.

EEC Projects – Leaders of Tomorrow, an initiative of the PTWP SA Group co-organised by the Podlaski Regional Development Foundation, is aimed at senior high school students; its core objective is to promote knowledge about the economy and entrepreneurship among young people by offering opportunities to meet and hold discussions with business practitioners.

Within the Project, the invited guests will tell us how a combination of passion and determination may be translated into our own successful business.

Each year about 700 students attend, with presentations from among: Fair Play Crew dancers; programmers from Photon and RiftCat; the American football team Primacol Lowlanders Białystok; footballers from Jagiellonia Białystok and their coach, Ireneusz Mamrot; fashion designers from Białystok, Elwira Horosz and Barbara Piekut; Paweł Małaszyński and Cochise; athletes from the Archery club; Wojciech Nowicki (gold medal winner at the 2018 European Athletics Championships); and many more outstanding people from Podlasie whose lives can inspire young people.

More details coming soon!