Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

1. The portal’s Publisher is PTWP-ONLINE Sp. z o.o with registered office in Katowice, 40-163, Plac Sławika i Antalla 1, phone/fax +48 (32) 209 13 03, hereafter called "PTWP".

2. PTWP provides readers with services requiring registration of user account. These services are among others daily newsletter, information alerts and discussion forum.

3. Registration of user account is free of charge. Necessary data for registration of user account are active e-mail address and/or user login and individual user password.

4. PTWP assumes no responsibility for content of comments placed under the texts and in the discussion forum.

5. PTWP reserves a right to moderate and edit contents of comments and posts.

6. PTWP reserves a right to delete contents which are vulgar, obscene, incompatible with law and basic principles of social coexistence or/and rules of a given service.

7. PTWP reserves a right to prevent a user from using an account in any moment without a prior contact with a user especially due to technical issues or because of violation of basic principles of social coexistence or/and rules of a given service.

8. PTWP reserves a right to publish advertisements in portal, newsletters, alerts and mailings distributed among users.

9. Users’ data collected during registration are not disclosed to a third party. PTWP warns that in case of suspicion of committing a crime by a given user it may disclose the data concerning this person to government agencies if they submit a court order.

10. In accordance with Act on protection of personal data, dated 29th August 1997 (Journal of Laws (Dziennik Ustaw) No. 133, item 883 with later amendments) PTWP ensures the possibility of consulting one’s personal data and altering them. In addition, the data can be removed from PTWP database at any time upon user’s request. A user can order subscription or resign from subscription of newsletters, alerts and/or other services requiring registration.

11. The hereby Privacy Policy enters into force once it has been published on PTWP dedicated subsite and is binding until it is cancelled or modified.

12. Non-acceptance of Privacy Policy and/or regulations means lack of possibility of full use of user account in PTWP portal.