V Eastern Economic Congress

Where East
Meets West

October 3rd-4th, 2018

The Podlasie Opera and Philharmonic – European Art Centre
in Białystok (1 Odeska Street)

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Apart from its interesting agenda, the Congress owes its importance to the participation of many competent figures engaged in the project, including politicians, economic leaders, business people, experts and academics.


The agenda of the Congress will cover a broad spectrum of themes, ranging from the difficult relations between the EU and the eastern flanks of Europe, issues of international cooperation, exports and economic expansion, all the way up to changes brought about by the digitization process.

  • New economy and Regional Innovation Strategies – challenges and opportunities
  • Cohesion policy after 2020 – prospects for Eastern Poland
  • Trans-border cooperation and its impact on the development of Eastern Poland
  • Cities as centres of increased competitiveness in Eastern Poland
  • Funding the development of Eastern Poland
  • Energy for development – the potential and security of Eastern Poland
  • Human resources for Eastern Poland
  • On the road to new opportunities. Time for infrastructure
  • Heading East – potential for business services
  • Eastern Poland – a European tourism macro-region
  • Developing the healthcare system in Eastern Poland
  • Innovations in the medical sector

Accompanying events

  • Top Inwestycje Polski Wschodniej
  • EEC - Liderzy przyszłości
  • Top Pracodawca Polski Wschodniej
  • Top start-up Polski Wschodniej

We will be awarding the TOP Communal Investments and TOP Employers of Eastern Poland to promote the best existing enterprises and standards. We will also address the issues of young, innovative business and once again select the leading start-ups of the region.


PTWP Group is one of the most experienced organisers of business events in Poland – with the European Economic Congress in the first place.


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