Preliminary subject area

The economy and investment

Innovations in the strategies pursued by the voivodeships of Eastern Poland. Will we catch up with the world?

  • Regional strategies for innovation. Ambitions of Eastern Poland and its position on the innovation map of Poland
  • Predominant industries and competitive advantages: How to support and reinforce them?
  • National Smart Specialisations in the development policy pursued by the regions
  • Promises fulfilled to date, and further plans held by the government. The role of social capital, start-ups and innovation

Innovations, research and development

  • What is the best way to finance innovations? The grant system and its bureaucratic nature; the volatility and unpredictability of innovative activity
  • Co-operation between corporations and start-ups. Are there measurable benefits to both parties? Acceleration: How is it done?
  • Support for innovation at various stages of business development: How to select the best forms?

Start-ups in Eastern Poland

  • Start-up platforms – a tool for comprehensive support for creation and development of young companies/enterprises in Eastern Poland
  • Mentoring, coaching and other specialist services versus the needs of start-ups
  • A start-up-friendly ecosystem – the role of local governments, institutions of higher education and economic self-government

Entrepreneurship, economic co-operation and business environment

  • Clusters, technological parks and other co-operation tools. Business services
  • Co-operation between business and local government units
  • Economic promotion and regional marketing – missions, exhibitions, fairs and publications
  • Barriers to enterprise development

Exports and foreign investment

  • Effectiveness of the existing tools for export promotion and support in the new integrated model
  • Polish foreign expansion – risks, concerns and the search for new ways
  • Priority and promising directions of expansion – according to administration and business
  • The Chinese market – new conditions and new possibilities
  • Requirements on the part of customers in foreign markets. Quality and distribution; the role of logistics and transport

EU funds and the financing of investments

  • Utilisation of development funds as a challenge for the region. How to invest in entrepreneurship and creativity effectively?
  • Extra-large-scale infrastructure projects. Acceleration after retardation?
  • The future of the Operational Programme Eastern Poland
  • The future of the financing of municipal and regional investment. What to expect after 2020?

The impact of cross-border co-operation on the development of Eastern Poland

  • EU funds for the development of cross-border co-operation between Poland, Belarus and Ukraine
  • Priority objectives: availability, security and culture
  • Large-scale infrastructure projects
  • Economic effects of cross-border contacts on a local and regional scale
  • The future of local border traffic

A gateway to the East. Transport, infrastructure and trade

  • Eastern Poland at the crossroads of transcontinental routes (Via Carpatia, Via Baltica and the New Silk Road)
  • Key investments in the transport infrastructure of the macro-region (roads and railways). Plans, implementation and financing
  • Logistics centres in Eastern Poland versus international trade
  • Modern logistics facilities. Desired projects. New warehouse space?

The quality of law and its impact on economic activity

  • Business-friendly law. New assumptions and government proposals for streamlining
  • Simplifying the law within the scope of: Tax Law, Labour Law, Customs Code and Commercial Code
  • Administrative decisions in the field of Construction Law and Environmental Law
  • The way the justice system operates
  • Economic self-government and its role

Self-governance and regional development

The role and system of local government in Poland

  • Legislative changes pertaining to local government. A threat or a fresh impetus?
  • The role of voivodes – making a concerted effort to improve Eastern Poland
  • Public consultation How to strengthen the dialogue?
  • Finance of local governments – unsolved problems
  • The position of local government in Poland

The untapped potential of smaller cities and towns. Quality of life matters

  • Cittaslow – small cities and towns as alternatives to bustling conurbations. What does it mean to be ‘a city of good life’?
  • The quality of life in smaller cities and towns: Green areas, recreation, and what else? The role of local governments in the implementation of the pro-family policy
  • Heritage as a way to promote a given place – historical, cultural and culinary routes
  • Financing of investments that improve the quality of life; smart cities

Partnership between cities – an outpost of good contiguity and economic co‑operation

  • Twin towns and sister cities: What to do so that the partnership does not remain ‘a paper agreement’ only?
  • A partner from the East – good practice and edifying failures
  • From culture to social integration to the economy – various faces of partnership
  • A mayor becoming an ambassador – and an ambassador becoming a mayor

PPP – the role of private and infrastructure investment in the development of the eastern regions

  • A change of policy towards the PPP. Regulations and facilities. Waiting for the results
  • Is it easier or more difficult to establish partnership between local governments and business in Eastern Poland?
  • To catch up with the ‘Grade A’ Poland: There is no way of achieving this goal without the help of private enterprises. The risk worth taking
  • Sources of financing of investments – EU funds and bank loans
  • Infrastructure investments for improving the quality of life of inhabitants

Mieszkanie Plus (‘Housing Plus’)

  • Residential construction in Poland
  • Demographic challenges. Mieszkanie Plus (‘Housing Plus’) and revitalisation as an opportunity for the young
  • Practice and implementation: The role of local governments, Polish government and developers
  • Regional diversification of the housing market. Economic and social conditions

Piękny Wschód (‘The Beautiful East’) – tourism and sport as an opportunity for the region

  • Euro 2012 as a perfect example of co-operation with the East. How to repeat it?
  • Eastern Poland – a perfect place for active recreation. How to tap into the potential of the region?
  • Specialisation and promotion: What to attract tourists with?
  • Tourism as a mainspring of cross-border co-operation – the potential, opportunities, and threats

Sustainable development. The environment and technologies

  • The Natura 2000 network of protected areas. The mechanism of qualifying protected areas
  • Projects in protected areas versus the degree of their protection. Common interests and contradictions
  • Nature-friendly technologies – investments in compliance with the law and the environment
  • The circular economy. The not-so-distant future

Humans, the labour market and entrepreneurship

Staff, education, the economy, and migrations. The labour market in Eastern Poland

  • The labour market of Eastern Poland – demographic problems versus aspirations
  • Co-operation between entrepreneurs, institutions of higher education and schools. Implementation of research and development works
  • Jobs created by the innovative economy
  • Demand for labour force versus migrations. How to keep one’s employees?

An employee from the East

  • Labour force from beyond the eastern border of Poland in Polish enterprises/companies – experiences and prospects
  • The role of the government and local governments in stimulating migration processes
  • The labour law on employing foreigners and temporary work. Experience gained by business and inspection authorities

A business like a family

  • Family businesses in the Polish economy as well as in the traditional social model of Eastern Poland
  • Growth is a challenge, or the current problems experienced by medium-sized enterprises of a family origin
  • Generational differences in management style. A revolution or evolution? The young at the helm of enterprises
  • Problems related to succession, as well as its legal and social aspects

Women in the economy of the macro-region

  • Employment structure in Eastern Poland, considering the professional as well as social and cultural situation of women. Women who hold managerial positions
  • The causes of inequality between women and men on the road to promotion The ‘glass ceiling’, prejudices, and stereotypes
  • Unemployment among women in Eastern Poland – characteristics of the phenomenon, its causes, and professional activation

Directions of development of the health care system in Poland

  • New rules for the financing of health care services from public funds – budgeting, lump sums and tender procedures – an overview of opinions
  • The system of basic hospital support for health care services (PSZ), or the so-called hospital chain, from the point of view of the voivodeships of Eastern Poland
  • Maps of health needs: What scenarios can there be for the region?
  • Primary health care, outpatient care services and hospital treatment: How to co‑ordinate patient care effectively?
  • Amendments to the Act on Medical Activity – the expected consequences of the new regulations

Investment in health care

  • The condition of health care infrastructure in the voivodeships of Eastern Poland – an assessment and main directions of investment undertakings
  • The planning and course of investment processes – selected examples
  • The Investment Proposal Assessment Tool in the Health Sector (IOWISZ) from the points of view of payers, managers and establishing bodies
  • Sources of financing of health care investment – an exchange of experiences
  • Involvement of private capital in the medical sector: Does it mean more possibilities or more barriers?
  • Financing of research and development activity, and investment in the development of highly qualified staff in medicine

Sectors and industries

Energy in the East. How to ensure energy security?

  • Investments versus needs. Situation of the energy industry in non-urbanised areas
  • Renewable energy sources, distributed power generation, and energy clusters. A fresh impetus in the citizens’ energy industry – its potential impact on the security of energy supplies
  • Should an obligation to ensure energy security be included in the Articles of Association of energy companies?

Energia Plus. New phenomena in the energy market

  • Expansion of bundling. Price and product bundles/packages
  • Prosumers as comprehensive customers Their needs versus the range of products and services offered by the energy industry
  • Management services related to demand for capacity
  • Energy storage and electromobility
  • Changes in the heat market. Utilisation of waste for energy purposes

The future of the agri-food industry in Eastern Poland

  • Agri-food specialisations of the macro-region of Eastern Poland
  • The strong processing industry stimulates agricultural development along the Eastern Border of Poland
  • Between tradition and innovation – the notion of innovative food
  • Groups of fruit and vegetable producers – extreme opinions
  • Consolidation and export consortia as an opportunity for the sector

Polish food – consolidation and expansion

  • Building strong agri-food groups
  • It is the end of simple price and cost advantages: The time has come for building Polish brands
  • The future of exports to EU countries versus the growing risk of economic protectionism
  • Effective forms of support for exports and foreign expansion. What chances are there for Polish producers in this regard?

Economic co-operation

Poland – Lithuania Economic Meetings

Co-operation in the fuels and energy sector: Towards common security. Cross-border projects in the road and rail infrastructure. How to move from vision to implementation? Production and services – specialisations and complementarity of both economies.

  • The construction sector, thermo-modernisation and infrastructure, and chemistry and plastics – possibilities for Polish and Lithuanian companies/enterprises.

Poland – Belarus Economic Meetings

Poland has set its course towards invigorating the contacts with Belarus. Experiences resulting from the Eastern Partnership. Policy and the economy – pro-business initiatives taken by Belarus and the process of the country’s opening to the West. IPOs on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The climate for Polish investors – returns, development, and new land. Belarus as a gateway to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

Accompanying events

  • Leaders of Tomorrow
  • TOP – Investments of Eastern Poland
  • TOP – Employers of Eastern Poland
  • TOP – Start-up of Eastern Poland

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