Financing, organisation, HR – several difficult questions about the health service

26 September 2019 • 09:30-11:00 • Opera i Filharmonia Podlaska Europejskie Centrum Sztuki w Białymstoku

Thematic scope

  • Additional funds for health services as part of the “Six percent” Act by 2024 – in which areas are funds most badly needed?
  • Health care structure in the regions of Eastern Poland
  • Number of hospitals, wards, bed designation and utilisation versus rational spending; what should be changed in the organisation of in- and out-patient clinic treatment?
  • The role and place of basic health care (POZ) in the health care system; are the competencies of doctors in the basic health care system used appropriately?
  • Financing of hospitals. Possibilities to provide funding within the lump-sum system; share of salaries in the costs
  • Situation on the market of medical personnel and its impact on the functioning of health services in regions – what are the projections?